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On Tuesday, February 16th, 7 ON YOUR SIDE kicks off a week-long series about a stretch of interstate that begins in Baltimore and runs through Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia.

Police call the area the new heroin highway.

With the nation in the midst of a heroin epidemic, what happens to cities situated closest to a decades old heroin stronghold like Baltimore?  Baltimore certainly is not the reason behind the epidemic, but law enforcement agencies from Winchester, Virginia to Hagerstown, Maryland say their heroin addicts are traveling to and from Baltimore to the buy the drug daily sometimes even twice a day.

Tuesday, February 16th on abc 7 news at 5pm, “Heroin Highway” begins with the soul shattering story of one life lost told through the experience of a father left behind.

Kevin Simmers was a Hagerstown police officer for 25 years.  He spent years working narcotics in the city’s downtown area.  As he put it, everyone knew him and always turned to him for help.  Then the heroin epidemic struck Hagerstown and the deadly drug got its hook in his own daughter.  Like so many, her tale of heroin began with experimenting with prescription pain pills which quickly lead her to a cheaper opioid: heroin.

Simmers details the struggle to find treatment for his daughter and takes us through what ended up being a year long battle to break her free from the addiction.   His honest reflection about his years as a police officer after facing his own experience with his daughter is all coming up on the 15th on abc 7 news at 5pm.

Also, plan head, on Friday, February 19th, 7 On Your Side fighting back against crime investigator, Jennifer Donelan, hosts a 2 hour phone bank in the fight against heroin.  Call in with your questions and/or tips starting Friday.  Kevin Simmers will be there as well.   Keep the number handy.  It is 703-236-9220.  Again, phone lines open up at 4:30pm on Friday, February 19th and close at 6:30pm.