Hawbaker Family of Clear Spring, Maryland Donates $1,000.00 to Brooke’s House

CLEAR SPRING — The Hawbaker family of Clear Spring recently combined efforts to raise funds in support of Brooke’s House.

On March 10, Betty Shank, Heather Braun, Kathleen King and Mary Alice Kelly, representing the Hawbaker family, presented a check for $1,000 to Kevin Simmers in support of efforts to build Brooke’s House in Washington County.

Simmers and his wife Dana founded Brooke’s House as a legacy to their daughter Brooke Erin Simmers, who died on April 14, 2015, from a heroin overdose at the age of 19.

“As Clear Spring residents ourselves, Dana and I are truly touched by the Hawbaker’s kindness and over-and-above efforts to raise these funds for Brooke’s House. Their incredible generosity is greatly appreciated as it will help move us closer to our goal for Washington County to make Brooke’s House a reality.” Kevin Simmers said.

When built, Simmers said Brooke’s House will serve as a state-of-the-art, safe, secure and emotionally supportive living environment and community resource to fill a substantial void and dire need in the Washington County community.

“Throughout Brooke’s substance abuse struggles and at the time of her death, there were no comprehensive rehabilitation programs or services available to help her,” Kevin Simmers said. “While currently there are still no such resources available in Maryland, through the building of Brooke’s House we’ll change that and be able to provide the needed programs and services to assure the successful rehabilitation of women in the early stages of substance abuse recovery.”

Simmers said fundraising efforts to date have been successful.

“So many individuals, businesses and community leaders are working with us to help ensure something positive and hopeful for our community and for those struggling from the disease of substance abuse,” Simmers said.

“With everyone’s continued help and support, we’ll be able to build and successfully operate Brooke’s House and truly begin addressing this horrible substance abuse epidemic that is stealing the lives of our loved ones and stripping away the fabric of our community.”

For more information or to donate to Brooke’s House, call Kevin Simmers at 301-573-5166 or Dana Simmers at 301-992-4895 or go to www.brookeshouse.org.

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