Kevin’s Fox News Interview With Martha MacCallum

Former Officer Speaks out After Daughter Dies of Overdose

Kevin talks with Martha MacCallum about Brooke’s struggle with Heroin, and how his life’s mission is now to build a facility for women to recover from addictions.

Ms. MacCallum asked him his opinion on the recent statistics of the dramatic increase in on-line drug sales from other countries, especially China.  Kevin responded, “We are never going to be able win this battle as long as the drug is more acceptable than the treatment.”  “My life is now dedicated to building this facility in her honor, it will be called Brooke’s House in Hagerstown, Maryland.  This 8,000 sq. ft. facility will house 15 women and provide treatment for them up to one year.”

The interview concluded by Kevin telling Ms. MacCallum, “These women, or anyone in recovery only want a fair chance.  It is too late to save my daughter, but not to late to save other’s daughters.”

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