Brooke’s House is proud to present Brooke’s House Chocolate – handmade chocolates and confections created by using delicious all natural chocolate. Our chocolates will be made with the utmost love and care by residents within our home.

Brooke’s House Chocolate was created to help encourage and inspire change for women while building character and strength to achieve happiness and hope for a new tomorrow. By making chocolates, Brooke’s House will create an avenue of independent, self-supporting revenue for the home while residents learn a new and exciting skill in making delicious chocolate delicacies.

The business concept of making chocolates for profit was created this past January when Mike Griffin from Cape Cod saw an interview of Kevin Simmers on Martha MacCallum’s show “The Story” on Fox News.

While in recovery, women will receive structure and support to help break the mold of addiction and receive candy making training that can be therapeutic and rewarding during their sobriety journey. Our goal is to provide a good, stable and safe environment to help the women of Brooke’s House recognize and find their path to rebuild dreams that were once lost.

We welcome you to visit Brooke’s House Chocolate’s website to see their entire lineup of delicacies.