Brooke Simmers

Brooke Simmers

Brooke Simmers would acknowledge her family and friends with a wide smile and her favorite expression:

“I got you.”

It was her way of saying “no need to worry.”

Many times she did, however, masking her own pain to help others.

Brooke’s House, named in her memory with a promise covenant made between Brooke and her father, Kevin, is now a reality. In 2015 she asked her dad to build or buy a home for her to operate so she could help others overcome addiction, avoiding the same type of pain she often experienced.

An athletic energetic youngster who excelled at soccer and basketball, Brooke attended Clear Spring High School. She earned her GED in 2013, the year she would’ve graduated.

She loved to crack jokes and always delighted everyone with her smiley heart faces.

At an early age, Kevin taught Brooke how to express the words “I Love You” in sign language. He also told her many times that “you hold the keys (in succeeding for a life of sobriety).”

Brooke Simmers
Brooke Simmers

Today, as a result of a promise kept through the love and compassion of the Simmers family and a wonderful spirit of giving from the community, those keys open the door to a beautiful transitional sober living home for adult women.

And once again that often spoken phrase of “I got you” resonates with all those who loved and believed in Brooke Simmers.